Virginia Is

Under Attack

Extremists are systematically attempting to strip citizens of our fundamental freedoms and spreading their dangerous, anti-democratic ideology across Virginia. Learn about these attacks and how you can stand up for liberty and justice in the Commonwealth.


Workers’ Rights

In 2022, the House of Delegates passed HB 88, a comprehensive bill to repeal several pro-labor provisions in Virginia law. This bill would eliminate project labor agreements that ensure fair wages and benefits for construction workers, repeal prevailing wages, and ban collective bargaining for public employees (like teachers and firefighters). The House also passed several other bills to undermine the power of unions to fight for workers.


Undermining the

Right to Vote

Free and fair elections are under attack in Virginia.

In 2022 and 2023, our elected officials launched numerous un-American and anti-democratic attempts to discourage participation and intimidate voters. The House of Delegates passed bills to eliminate Election Day voter registration, ban ballot drop boxes, and drastically reduce early voting.


Our Wages

The House of Delegates voted to roll back a scheduled minimum wage increase in 2022. Then in 2023, extremists in the legislature supported a bill that would create a lower minimum wage for workers under 18.


Restricting Our

Fundamental Freedoms

Our right to healthcare and freedom to make our own decisions are in danger.

In 2023, extremists in the Virginia Senate proposed radical restrictions on abortion, including a total ban authored by Sen. Travis Hackworth. Some State Senators also supported SB 960 to prohibit healthcare professionals from performing gender-affirming care for trans youth.



Our Schools

HB 781, a bill based on glaring factual errors, threatened to revoke teachers’ licenses and charge them with misdemeanors for teaching so-called “divisive concepts.”


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